In the world of engineering the construction and invention of new tools and technologies drives the growth of the industry. Construction projects often demand new and unique systems to overcome obstacles ranging from building the world’s tallest buildings to creating a supportable underground structure that carries people miles across the city. Over the past century engineers across the globe have succeeded in creating magnificent feats of human ingenuity by developing technologies that defy what previously thought possible. One of the major ways that they have done this is by finding ways to overcome infirmities in soil structure and content to make building structures possible on virtually any scale.

A key component to the success of these building projects was the development of micropiles. Created using high strength steel in a small diameter casing or threaded bar, micropiles can help give rigidity and structure to softer soil content. Most often micropiles are used in underpinning, to strengthen the existing foundation of a structure or building. Continued development has led to micropiles capable of supporting loads of up to one-thousand tons.

One of the newest micropile technologies is magnacore self drilling anchors. These were developed for economic purposes on projects where the installation of conventional micropiles was not the practical choice. Designed with challenging soil situations in mind, specifies that they were developed as hollow bar micropiles. The benefit of this is that they are effective for collapsible soils. Formed by a single, top-down operation, a fine cement grout mix is pumped through the hollowed out micropile during installation. It also works as the drill string, allowing the grout mixture to permeate the soil through the ports at the end of a sacrificial bit. The result is the creation of a grout column with greater structural competence.

MDTI accomplishes several things with this system while eliminating many extra steps that solid bar technology requires. With solid bar micropiles construction teams spend valuable time pre-drilling each hole for the micropiles. Solid bar micropiles also require casings for each installation in softer soils. The solid bar also limits construction teams to a very narrow range of soils for soils. These are just a few drawbacks of solid bar installations.

The truth is that the self-drilling anchor system is more efficient in virtually every way. Solid bar systems require several individual pieces of equipment for installation, and they are limited to shallow rock. Contractors can find out about magnacore here and see how they can cut pre and post grouting out of their process. Otherwise they can view MDTI for more information on their geostructural engineering solutions.